Halo Wars: Review

Halo Wars
By Bungie Studios
XBOX 360

Halo Wars is a strategy command game based on the Halo series, this game is very similar to that of Age of Empires on the PC. 
The game shows Halo before the first game, it sort of fills in the gaps essentially of what happened before Master Cheif first showed his face in 2001, you play as various people on the human side for the entire game,(You can play as Covenant when you aren’t in ‘Campaign’ mode) by the end of the game you have fought the Flood, the Covenant, all the classic enemies, and got to command an entire squad of Spartans. (Which, I might add, are very good at kicking a**)

Personally I didn’t really like the game that much, 
-The game was short, finished it in less than 3 days, 
-Your units often didn’t have very good path finding skills, meaning that they couldn’t figure out how to move around a rock, so you would have to manually give them step by step instructions. –Unit count was too small, the Xbox 360 is capable of having so many more units and people on the game, so why were we limited to such a small number?
-Game style, this is the kind of game for PC, its like Age of Empires, it just wouldn’t and doesn’t work properly on Xbox, as a PC game this could have a lot more potential. Sticking it on Xbox just holds it down.
-Once you finish the campaign theres nothing else you can do!

Overall the game just seemed out of place, I wish it were a FPS, or even better, being able to change from the Birdseye view into First Person so that you could control your selected unit, it would make it way better.

There were many good things about the game thought,
– I found the cut scenes interesting to watch, they were beautifully put together, in the end I was looking forward to see what happened next. It’s what kept me playing the game.
– The visuals in the game itself were amazing, unfortunately not enough to save my review of it.

The game itself didn’t want me to keep playing, the game play was average and didn’t really offer anything exciting, In the end the only thing that kept me playing was the cut scenes, I just wanted to get the game play out of the way to watch the cut scenes and see what happened. 
Normally its the other way round, you want to skip the cut scenes and play the game, some games balance it so perfectly that you want to watch and play, this game just didn’t do it for me.

The Halo theme to this makes even the most skeptical Halo fan interested, and playing the game may be the result of just wanting to be able to control a group of their favorite Halo units and characters . . .


2.5 / 5.0 – Game Play
5.0 / 5.0 – Cut Scenes
1.4 / 5.0 – Fun
4.0 / 5.0 – Visuals


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