New News!

Hey Ben ‘ere,

Cheese Weekly 2010 is on the way!
And will probably be a video broadcast on Facebook . . . maybe . . . anyways the definite time is going to be during drama class on the 30th of August, Term 2 24th of September, Term 3.

This brings me to another point of interest.

Due to the fact I will be working on Cheese Weekly 2010, BGTN may be Delayed again, the reason for this is:
1. I’d probably be exhausted from all the filming editing and whatnot
2. Most ideas that I had set aside for BGTN end up going into Cheese Weekly, thats what happened for Cheese Weekly 2009
3. TIME CONSTRICTING. This kind of production can use up a lot of time, who knows, I might end up making BGTN into short 5 minutes movies, you never know . . .

Anyways got to go,

Work to do.

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