Clever without Control

I’ve recently recovered, well, think I’ve recovered, from a hideous cold or hay fever, not sure which one it was, but either way, it proved to be an uncomfortable, head ache starting pain, especially during school.


It gave me an interesting thought, to do with the body controlling itself. We all know it does, it controls breathing, digestion, blinking, movements, germ control, it’s crazy what this thing does, we think we are in control of our body entirely, but really we’re just like some space thats been put in these bodies so that we walk talk and make the place smell bad, without us inside these bodies the body would stand there, wouldn’t communicate, talk, or anything, it would just breath, blink, stand there staring off into the distance, absently. . .

It’s weird, I had the strangest feeling that my body didn’t like what I was writing then . . . oooh spooky. .

You may be thinking, “Why on earth are you talking about this?” well basically, the whole body does it’s own thing sprung up to mind as I was practically dying of a the cold/hay fever thing. I blew my nose countless times, green slimy mucous blasted into tissue after tissue, moistening the tissue to such a state that it deteriorated in my hands, sliding through my fingers onto the floor leaving a green snail-like trail.
(Did I give enough detail?)
And with my nose blowing, my eyes also watered, as I looked at myself in the mirror it appeared as if I had instantly been submerged in water . . .
At school, of which I had to go whilst I was sick, my eyes watered countless times during the day, so much to the point that I could practically predict when the next ‘Eye Watering’ would take place.
During P.E. we lost a game of Vollyball, and as if my body was trying to have a laugh, my eyes started to water just as the game came to an end.
“What you crying about? It’s only a game,”
Oh please, personally I couldn’t care less if I lost a game of ‘Vollyball’
I don’t expect one as myself to be good at a game which would normally be carried out on a beach.
I don’t like the beach.

Later on we had Maths, and Society and History, both of these classes my eyes watered again.
Normally I would sneeze, then my eyes would start watering, and last but not least my nose would instantly start to run so fast as if it were trying to break a 100m sprint world record, out my nose and down my shirt. It kinda sucks, because I have to instantly do 3 things at once, tissue to mouth for sneeze, tissue to eyes for watering, and tissue to nose for running.
I think my body is enjoying itself . . . Grrrrr!!!
Whenever in inquisitive about something, a bit confused, I don’t go to the shop and buy a puzzle, I just ask my favourite three letter word.


Why does my body make my eyes water? It’s obviously not helping!
Why does my body make my nose blocked, when I eat food it clears up and when I stop eating it blocks again, what’s it trying to do? Force me into obesity?
(Comes back to school on Friday, much larger than usual,
“What happened to you?”
“Had a cold.”)
I don’t get it sometimes.

When I eat food my nose clears up and is fine, this makes me think that my body clears up my nose because it wants the food, its only thinking of itself, and yet normally, it lets the nose block up and eyes water, because it’s just me suffering, I don’t mean anything to my body for it to want to clear up the nose for me just for my comfort, or to close the valve on the watery eyes just for me.

Or, what if my body isn’t aware of me?
What if everybody’s body is this way, I mean it tells us when we are hurt, but what if, just what if, our body is an entirely different being, and we, the conscious of that body are not, and cannot, be seen or noticed by that being, we are irrelevant.

Therefore, the body doesn’t care about discomfort that I feel, it cares about actual pain, because actual pain, because actual pain effects it, actual pain will tell it to repair itself, to send blood to that area, where as my discomfort is my problem and it doesn’t notice it.
When I eat, it detects the food and opens up the nose so that it can get enough oxygen whilst I have either food or drink in my mouth.

It may not notice me, but it’s smart.

Just think about it, do you get the idea that I have here?
Separate from our body . . . We just operate it, the body itself is a whole other being, that doesn’t actually see or feel us, it just operates the insides, then again, it may even see everything we see, it may think thoughts like we think, it may be reading the words I am typing through my eyes, it has no control over my arms, or my thoughts, it may be afraid, it may be in wonder, it too may be thinking about this being that it can see, it may not be able to read, it may not even think about the things it sees or what I am doing with the body.
Imagine not being in control of your bodies movement, but being inside instead, constantly having to monitor the heart, the breathing, the germs, the blinking, the digestion, everything, non-stop for as long as you live, feeling trapped, as the thing you are looking after is being run around by some weird person.
You have to wonder these things.

But whatever this body may be, whether how I describe it or not.

It’s smart.
Except for the nose thing . . .
But it’s smart.

On the bus the other day I looked at our relief bus driver, at first I had been looking around the bus at the countryside vista out the window, but I glanced past the bus driver, and noticed his ears.
Larger ears than normal, this relief bus driver was an older chap, he looked about 50-60, probably a little older, but let’s stop picking on the bus driver, what sprung to my attention was this:

There was a kid talking to the bus driver for the first half of the ride, now from where I was sitting, about the same distance as the kid was to the bus driver, I could just hear what the kid was saying to him, and I wondered, “How can the bus driver hear that?”
And the bus driver wasn’t just going, “Yeah, okay, ahuh.”
He was making genuine replies.
That’s when I noticed the ears.
On the human body the two things that will never stop growing are your ears, and your nose, and think about this, because I think there is a logical, clever reason for this.
As you grow older your senses grow weaker and weaker, your hearing is one of these.

You’re body, the body, keeps your ears growing to account for the fact you get weaker hearing!
By making a larger ear, you get a larger area of which sound can bounce on your ear and vibrate all the little hairs in your head that send the info to your brain.
It’s doing it on purpose! Or is it?

As for your nose, it still grows, but why?
Is it an attempt to prevent hay fever and colds by making it harder for contaminants to enter your system?
Is it similar to the hearing thing, it makes the nose longer in an attempt to make up for the smell you’ve lost?

Phew it’s a lot to think about.
And looking at this page I’ve written,
A lot to read and type, I’d better apologise to my body for using it’s fingers for such a long time. = P

And a whole new thought cloud sprung up a moment again!
I’m not going to talk about it now,

But its going to be about us hearing differently, we hear one way, but what if another race hears differently?


Good day

Artistic Photography – The Basics

Hey guys, in this post I’m going to talk to you about Artistic Photography,
Artistic Photography is where you take pictures of stuff at different angles, in different light, from different distances, with different colours, and you don’t have to take the picture so that you can tell what the item/thing is, but more, its more for the effect that the picture brings.

Today we are going to look at few simple ways of getting an artistic photo.

 So here’s one of my photos, mind the small ad thing.

There are a few techniques at play here.

The first is that it’s being taken looking across the ground, instead of being taken from above in a birds eye view its been taken from directly behind the pine cone so that the view in the picture skims along the ground.

The second technique is the off centering, notice the pine cone isn’t placed dead-center in the middle of the picture, it’s placed to the side, not only does this give a nice view of the landscape behind it, basically if you want something to be focused on, stick it to the side of the photo.

Example Tip 1
Let’s take a picture using the same centering technique but without the close up or across the ground look. 
To the right is a picture of a tree and the landscape, in this case a field, behind it.
As you can see, even though the tree isn’t in the center of the picture it’s what you’ll look at, you focus on the tree. 
But what would happen if there was a more detailed landscape behind it?
Let’s say you edited in a volcano on the field behind the tree . . .

Now there’s a volcano in the field behind it, as you can see the tree still seems to be the focus of the picture, despite the volcano in the background.
But what do you think? Is the volcano taking the spotlight? 

Want to see how to add a volcano into your own pictures? Its free I’ll show you how.
Click here!______________________________________________________________
The third technique is the time of day it was taken, beginner photographers may not think of this when starting out, taking pictures at the right time of day gives the picture a different effect.
This was taken late afternoon while it was overcast to give it a gloomy grey effect, with no shadows, you can imagine that if this photo was taken during the middle of the day in the sun, it would have a shadow, it would be bright and cheerful.
It depends on you and what emotions you want viewers of your pictures to absorb, I personally took this without the light so it gives a questionable appearance, and it would put less attention on the shadows and more attention on the pine cone.

The last technique is that the picture is taken close up using the ‘flower’ feature on the camera, this gives great detail to the pine cone and the grass, but adds this nice blurred effect to the mountains and trees in the distance.

Example Tip 2 
However, if you are doing something close up, without a landscape or something behind it then centering it the middle can actually give the photo a good effect, look at the photo to the right, notice a few things.
1. The whole object (leaf of grass) isn’t completely in the middle, but it crosses through the middle.
2. The picture focus isn’t focused in the center, but focused on the water drops in the top left corner. 
3. Mellow lighting suggests the picture was taken during overcast. 
This picture works because this picture doesn’t have a large background behind it to give it depth, instead it has more of an enclosed feel to it, because of the view.

So hope that gives you a good idea on how to take some artistic photos using simple techniques.

Go take some photos!

If you’d like me to check out your photo’s, or even post them on this blog just contact me.

Until next time,


Adding a volcano to your pictures – Free, using Gimp

Hey guys, I’m going to show you how to edit a volcano into your pictures.
This is done using the free program Gimp 

So basically if you haven’t got Gimp already download it here. It’s an awesome FREE photo shop program that’s capable of a lot of stuff, if you have Adobe Photoshop, then you can add volcanoes too! But this tutorial will only show you how to add a volcano using GIMP.

1. First off lets open our picture up in Gimp.

2. Open up your web browser and do an image search for ‘Volcano’ select a picture that looks clear and easy to work with and save it to your pictures folder.

I used this one!

3. Go back into Gimp, click File, and Open as Layers… then find the volcano image that you saved.

4. Now the picture is on as a layer, click the scale button in the tools and resize it to your liking, you can even move it around using the circle in the middle of the picture.

 5. Now you’ve positioned and resized, select the eraser from the tool sidebar, and down the bottom set the Scale to 10 by sliding the bar and set the Brush to Circle Fuzzy (17)
Go through erasing the sky and the ground of the volcano picture, remember to change the Opacity in the tool sidebar now and then to add extra effect. 

6. On the context menu, (bar along the top of the window) click Filter then Light and Shadow… and lastly Drop Shadow
A window will come up, just click OK.

7. On the top bar click Windows then Dockable Dialogs and then Layers, the layer window will pop up showing you the layers. (The layer window may already be open, so you may not have to do this step)

8. Select the Background from the Layers Window, then select the eraser from the tool sidebar, select Scale 10, and then use the eraser to make a black shadow behind the volcano. Where this shadow goes depends on where the sunlight is coming from in your picture.

 9. Click on the volcano picture in the Layer Window.
Now select the AirBrush tool from the tool sidebar, select Scale 10, Brush Circle Fuzzy (17) and the Opacity about halfway, about 57%.
Now use the airbrush tool to add the shadow onto the volcano picture.

 10. Select the Background from the Layers Window, then click Colors and Color Balance… from the top menu.
The “Color Balance” menu will appear.

 11. In the Colour Balance window change the colour level as the picture to the right shows, or you give your picture some individuality and change the colour levels to your own liking.

Then click OK 

12. Now select the Volcano picture from the layers window and change the Colour Level of Red to 26, or if you picked your colour levels, make the volcano image 1 level higher on your colour than your custom scheme.

 13. Looking good?
Now select the AirBrush tool, change the colour to red, (Or a colour of your choice) with an opacity of about 75%
Then use the airbrush tool to go over the tree, the grass, basically colour anything you want to give it a glowing red effect.

14. Last but not least change the airbrush colour to white and go over the tree a bit, it makes the tree whiter, but still obtains a reddish glow. 
Then just touch up a bit with the eraser and the airbrush if you need to, then you have the end result:

What-ch-ya think? Don’t forget to leave a comment, not a spam one, don’t like them.

Did this work out for you? If it didn’t feel free to contact me

If it did then why don’t you send it to me so that I can have a look!

Until next time!

Cya later guys! 

Making an awesome hidden compartment – Craft

Hello everyone!
Ever had brothers or parents snooping around your bedroom looking for your phone or your wallet? Well! I have the perfect home made hidden spot to hide your goodies in a place no one would think to look.

To your left is what we are making, no not a full tissue box. And no, not the chair or the bag or the wall, nor are we making a picture that looks like the one to the left so just stop thinking and listen.

We are making the tissue box, but that is no ordinary tissue box. It actually has a secret compartment underneath it.

Lets get working on it, soon you’ll understand.





What you’ll need is:
1. An empty tissue box
2. A full tissue box
3. Scissors
4. Hot gluegun OR Tape (the gluegun works better)


5. Bluetack (If you have this it makes it better you can still do it without though.)

OKAY! Time to start making.

First turn over your empty tissue box.

And cut the base of it off.
Make sure there is a little bit left on the corners to stick blue tack later.



Then take the base that you just cut off and glue(or tape) it into the box halfway. (As shown in image to left)

Next take your filled tissue box and pull about 10-15 tissues


Stuff the layered tissues carfully in the top of the empty box, becareful not to pull apart the layers.

Look to the image to the left to get an idea.

Once you’ve stuffed it in it should look like . . .





. . . this
As you can see the layered tissues have been stuck in and are flat.








Next grab the top tissue from the layer and pull it out like this. (look to the image to the left)

Fluff it up a bit so it looks naturally like a real tissue box.

Well, it is a real tissue box except this one has a hidden area underneath it, which you can place your phone, wallet then stick the tissuebox on top.
No one would think to look under a tissue box!
Well, I wouldn’t anyways . . .



Next get your bluetack, if you have bluetack, and stick some in each corner under the box. As shown in image to the left.







Turn the tissue box over and place it on the desk or where ever you are going to place your hidden area. Lightly push it down onto the desk, table etc.

What this does is if someone geniually does need a tissue they won’t pull the whole box up off the table when taking a tissue.

Because then they would discover your secret area.





Nowyou have to do is hide your stuff underneath the tissue box! You now have a hidden spot that no one would look under!
















This isn’t the only hidden area you can make with tissue boxes . . . look. I also have a hidden draw coming out of one of my tissue boxes . . .

There’s alot you can make with them so have a think! Come up with something amazing.

Comment and tell me how you went with this project. I want to know if you liked it.

Well hope you completed this okay people!


Thanks, and enjoy your new hidden spot!!!