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Me VS Me – Existence of God

Welcome to a brand new topic/category to give people something else to think about, HOLD ON, don’t run away yet, this new category isn’t about hating religion or god, (err . . . surprise?) No, I’m talking about a new topic/category called “Me VS Me” it’s where I have an argument with myself, yes it sounds crazy.

Basically I will take something and whip down two different views upon it, no picking sides in these posts, just war with myself. There will be a defensive side, and an attacking side, in each Me VS Me.

Me VS Me
Topic – “The Existence of God”

– Let me start this off by saying that I don’t think God exists, its a straight forward statement, but I see no possible way in it being possible, I mean think about it, some “being” that exists outside of time, space and reality, it’s just bogus, it’s the equivalent to Easter Bunny or Santa.

– Attacking something at that angle is quite absurd, Gods existence is as true as the Sun is to Earth, how do can you argue that something existing out of reality and time does not exist? You know only that of your ordinary life with limitations and boundary, God’s power goes beyond that of the life you know, and soars into stars of light and amazement.

– You say that I cannot argue that something doesn’t exist outside of reality and time, yet it works in appliance to the fact that you can’t prove that something DOES exist out of reality and time, your life, as quote, goes to “..that of your ordinary life with limitations and boundary…”

– Just because something lives outside of your life’s boundaries doesn’t necessary mean it doesn’t exist, for example, we could say that there IS gravity in space, but we all have different sources and ways of knowing that their isn’t gravity in space, even though we have never personally been there.
The same principle can apply to God, he may live outside of our life boundary, but we know that he is there, through the many signs he has given us.

– This isn’t going to start you off in your media-styled “truth” telling stuff will it? For example the “end of the world” is somehow foretold by this!

“Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed 
For your people and your holy city 

To finish transgression, 

To put an end to sin, 
To atone for wickedness, 
To bring in everlasting righteousness,
To seal up vision and prophecy 
And to anoint the most holy.” Daniel 9:23,24 (NIV)

Somehow this passage says “The world is going to end in 2015”, Forgive me for sounding like Victor Meldrew, but how in the bloody hell! What happened to 2012?
Along with that I found this, describing the end of the world:

“We are very near the end of the world when the wrath 
of God will be poured out on all of us who refuse to 
repent for our sins and worship Him.

Sorry what? That sounds like some forceful leader! Definitely not this kind, welcoming, forgiving Lord I hear so much about. And as for the world ending? If you guys are seriously that eager for the world to end go track down Osama and talk to him about it, something tells me the world is more likely to die at his hand than it would be that of Gods.

– Media-styled truth telling? As in the deception word morphing talk you just did?
For your information, the “Seventy ‘sevens'” means 70 Jubilee cycles, which is the equivalent to 3,430 years, this cycle first initiated in 1416 BC, and finishes in 2015 AD, the world of sin and rebellious behaviour will be cleansed from the Earth, as Jesus will make a second appearance on Earth.
God has been more than generous, he has watched us for over 6000 years as we sin and become more rebellious, more angry, all you have to do to confirm this is to look at all the kids we have today, people running round on the streets punching people up for fun, damaging property of other people, does it not seem more than fair that God would decide to rid the planet of this sinful behaviour, and start the planet clean for the good of others? That sounds caring to make such an enormous effort to make the planet safer for those that want to live an honest life.

– What, so your saying to live an honest life you have to be religious? I know many good people that aren’t religious, its just being stuck up to say that only followers of God are true of heart. And as for the return of Jesus? Oh please, you guys predicted that Jesus would return so many times now that’s its not funny, and as for the 70 Jubilee cycles . . . where did you pull that from? If in the verse it said something like “The world will end in 2015, because the 70 Jubilee cycles will end, they have been going since 1416 BCE” then I might be more inclined to believe it, but the passage didn’t say that, you guys did, ran off and came up with what it could mean like all the other conspiracy groups. Violence has been around for ages! Lets take the time to remember all the violence caused by believers of God, in the name of God, and all that jargon, what about the peace, love mentioned in the Bible?

– Alas, there are people that do not truly understand, some people, unfortunately did not have God in their heart, their actions were of selfish desire, and although marked in the name of God, doesn’t mean that God agrees and wishes upon their actions.
God is not to blame here, the world is in pain, suffering and death because of us, back in the time of paradise, we and Adam sinned, and because of that God gave us what we wanted, a taste of life without him, he gave us what we wanted. 
We are all lucky that God is forgiving, for he has given us what we wanted, and he is now willing to restore the world to its original paradise. A life with no death.
“..When god restores paradise on Earth all diseases will disappear..”

– We’re already getting overpopulated as it is, and as for dying, dying is something you can’t escape, it’s a natural part of life to keep a healthy population, without death we won’t be living in a paradise, but a cramped world, all of us living close and uptight. Personally I’d rather die, than live in filth with no space forever. And with no death that means there would be no food, I’m not just talking about eating cattle, vegetation would be eaten up by heaps of animals, and don’t tell me we wouldn’t have to eat, because Adam supposedly ate the fruit off the tree.

– God would make amends to prevent this, think of this, with all the sinful, cleansed from the world, there would be heaps of room for new people to live in happiness, forever.
And space would not be an issue, God could stretch paradise as far as the eye can see.

– Well happiness is over rated, there is only so long that you can live in a garden before you start getting bored, an eternity of repetitive nonsense.
You all try and scare us into believing, the Bible try’s to as well, much of the time it works.
All those that don’t believe won’t go to Heaven, they will die and go to Hell.
The world will end and all those that don’t believe will die and go to Hell.

It’s all death threats. What do you do in Heaven? Sit around for eternity doing nothing, what do you do in Hell? Sit around for eternity doing nothing.  
Either way it’s cut out for you.

Personally there’s a few reasons I think religion and the Bible were created.
Because maybe someone back then figured that the world was violent, and they needed a way of trying to get people to be kinder and civilised. Who knows.
Because they could use the promise of Heaven to get people to fight for them.
Because they were scared of death, and wanted to think there was something afterwards.

In the end you can’t argue to the point, and you can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, and when you die and find out your wrong, well you won’t be able to know that you’re wrong, you’ll just be gone, that’s it.
It’s an argument that will continue to go through the future, and will never be resolved.

– Let’s not forget who started the argument.
Your belief is your belief.
I do not wish to talk on this topic any further.

I feel sorry for you, I will pray that you come through in the end.

– Gee, thanks, Lucky me, I wonder If he means ‘end’ literally?

I encourage you to give your opinion on the topics as well, what do you think? Which view of mine do you take the side of? If you wish to contribute please comment on the POST, NOT IN THE CHAT BOX on the side. Do you think I was taking a certain side more than the other? (I feel that I did!)
Leave your comments!

Quotes on Quotes

Ben-A-Ball went on Facebook a few weeks ago, since then I’ve been adding quotes for people to read.

Not just any quotes, but quotes containing good messages that can be used in life.

I’d like to talk about the quotes here.

The first one is this:

“It’s not the light that you see, but the light that you feel that makes you feel good within.”

Now quotes are always up for interpretation, especially this one.
The idea behind this one is, that you don’t have to see good things, to feel good, you don’t have to look happy and cheerful, to be happy and cheerful.

“Every single moment in your life is a question, so you’d better get better at answering them!”

This is kind of self-explanatory. Every moment in life is going to have a decision, or question in which you are going to have to answer, being able to answer, or decide upon these correctly will really help you.

“Destiny is not chosen for you, you decide it, you can change it, you can morph it to your liking. For destiny isn’t foretold, its as told.”

Again, self explanatory. You shouldn’t feel that destiny will happen no matter what, many people feel that life is a book, in which case it wouldn’t matter if it were, because unless you sneak-peek at the last chapter before finishing it, it’s exciting all the way.
But basically, you make your future, it isn’t locked forever, even if it was, you wouldn’t know it, It would seem normal!

“It’s never a waste of time if you enjoyed the time you wasted.”

I’ve noticed that often you’ll have people think that it’s a waste of time or life by doing something like, playing computer games, maybe going shopping all day, whatever it may be. If you enjoyed yourself, it wasn’t a waste of time, you gained enjoyment out of it, you can say that it is nothing, but enjoyment is everything today, and tomorrow.

Before you concentrate on the achievement, take the time to think about HOW you achieved it.”

This can happen to quite a few people, they get so caught up in getting something, or finally achieving their goal, and yet they forget how they got there. This can apply to life!
Thinking about the effort you put in to get to where you did.

“I hate it when people get brand spanking new, expensive technology, an don’t know or care how it works, or where it came from.”

Oh yes, and that was just me ranting about someone getting a brand new $1000 phone and not actually understanding how the phone works, and its tech specs and memory and  . . . . *cough* never mind, it’s a geek thing . . .

All these brilliant quotes, *polishes hand on t-shirt* but no one to read them?
No, no. For now you can read them whenever your computer is idle!

With the all new Ben-A-Ball Quotes screen saver!
It will be available on the Ben-A-Ball Programs page of the Download blog soon.