Quotes on Quotes

Ben-A-Ball went on Facebook a few weeks ago, since then I’ve been adding quotes for people to read.

Not just any quotes, but quotes containing good messages that can be used in life.

I’d like to talk about the quotes here.

The first one is this:

“It’s not the light that you see, but the light that you feel that makes you feel good within.”

Now quotes are always up for interpretation, especially this one.
The idea behind this one is, that you don’t have to see good things, to feel good, you don’t have to look happy and cheerful, to be happy and cheerful.

“Every single moment in your life is a question, so you’d better get better at answering them!”

This is kind of self-explanatory. Every moment in life is going to have a decision, or question in which you are going to have to answer, being able to answer, or decide upon these correctly will really help you.

“Destiny is not chosen for you, you decide it, you can change it, you can morph it to your liking. For destiny isn’t foretold, its as told.”

Again, self explanatory. You shouldn’t feel that destiny will happen no matter what, many people feel that life is a book, in which case it wouldn’t matter if it were, because unless you sneak-peek at the last chapter before finishing it, it’s exciting all the way.
But basically, you make your future, it isn’t locked forever, even if it was, you wouldn’t know it, It would seem normal!

“It’s never a waste of time if you enjoyed the time you wasted.”

I’ve noticed that often you’ll have people think that it’s a waste of time or life by doing something like, playing computer games, maybe going shopping all day, whatever it may be. If you enjoyed yourself, it wasn’t a waste of time, you gained enjoyment out of it, you can say that it is nothing, but enjoyment is everything today, and tomorrow.

Before you concentrate on the achievement, take the time to think about HOW you achieved it.”

This can happen to quite a few people, they get so caught up in getting something, or finally achieving their goal, and yet they forget how they got there. This can apply to life!
Thinking about the effort you put in to get to where you did.

“I hate it when people get brand spanking new, expensive technology, an don’t know or care how it works, or where it came from.”

Oh yes, and that was just me ranting about someone getting a brand new $1000 phone and not actually understanding how the phone works, and its tech specs and memory and  . . . . *cough* never mind, it’s a geek thing . . .

All these brilliant quotes, *polishes hand on t-shirt* but no one to read them?
No, no. For now you can read them whenever your computer is idle!

With the all new Ben-A-Ball Quotes screen saver!
It will be available on the Ben-A-Ball Programs page of the Download blog soon.


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