Prioritise . . . Guys

Well, very weird, but interesting non-the-less.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when the roads workers ‘fix’ a road, by covering it with a really thick sticky black liquid then sprinkling thousands of dangerously sharp fast-travelling gravel bits onto it like the 100’s and 1000’s on the top of a children’s pink fairy cupcake . . . it can tend to be a bit annoying . . .

Is it not just me? Or does that sound like the lazy attempt at fixing something, slap on a layer of sticky stuff with some gravel on top then it’s done . . . it’s only a road after all, and of course no one ever walks along this road, so it’s perfectly okay if the ground is covered in small sharp rocks which soon become fast-flying projectiles thanks to the motor vehicles that travel along it. No, but okay, I do understand that there’s a lot going on in the council chambers, lots of decisions and money to be arranged, especially lots of stupid roads built right through people’s property just because they ‘think’ it will increase the fluency of traffic travelling through certain areas. *cough* Kingston Bypass *cough*

Nah, so the gravel covered road didn’t bug me as much as it sounds like, I’m just using it as an interesting opener.

What I really found interesting is the prioritising the council folk seem to have planned out. There are electoral signs (“Vote Now!”) that get replaced the day after they are vandalized and yet we have road signs bent, roads cracked and distorted and speed limit signs on either side of the road giving two different values. [I’m not kidding, a one sign on either side of the road, one says 80 the other says 60″]

Isn’t it interesting that the political signs come first, then the road, then the signs . . . bizarre.

But the one thing that made my walk home interesting, is the gravel . . . well, apart from it flinging up into my face every time a car passed by. That sticky black stuff they cover in gravel looks like a liquid, it looks as though if you were to dip your finger into it I’d stick in so much you’d be lucky to see it again. Yet when you touch this sticky black stuff you find that it’s solid . . . and I find that a rather weird illusion.

The anomaly produced some pretty spiffy photographs too.

Well, catch you later folks!

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