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Hey folks, don’t expect a really, really large heartfelt-post . . . I’m doing the equivalent to a dine and dash, except no laws are broken and no one leaves farting like trooper because they were forced to get up and go while all the gases were swirling around insi . . . yeah, okay that’s really crossed the line. Sorry.

No what I was going to tell you about is my involvement in the website Nation Of Design, I should be producing a series of tutorials for the site soon, just giving some basic graphics tutorials and so forth. If you’re already a member of Nation Of Design you can find me here. I go by the name Benagain, you know, it’s basically, “Oh no, it’s Ben . . . again.’

That’s where that name originated . . .

[important]Anyways I just uploaded some Nation Of Design wallpapers, which you can see the topic for here, or you can download the Nation Of Design wallpapers I made right here.[/important]

Well! That’s it, a quick micro-blog . . . hmmm maybe I should use twitter after all.





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