iOS 5


Now I was a bit late to post this the other day, but I’m going to post it NOW.

Basically Apple announced the release of iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and their new iCloud service sometime during September. Now If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a bit of an Apple Fanboy but stop there! You can’t bag me out for being an Apple fanboy if you have an iPhone, iPod, iPad or iMac . . . because unless you have android . . . uh . . . nevermind, I’m going crazy.


What I’m most looking forward to this September is iOS 5, which adds a better notification system (yes, I know, Android’s had a notification system since forever . . . sigh), it makes the iOS completely independent, meaning it won’t need a computer to sync with anymore, it brings some new built in apps and the iCloud service which means you can download all the stuff you’ve already purchased FREE for no extra charge. Which is great.

The other things that are new are only minor, (in my opinion) like built in Twitter, crop and image controls in the photos app, better Safari, WiFi sync . . . wait, I quite LOVE THE IDEA OF WIFI SYNC . . . *cough* sorry about that, heh . . . just burst out all of a sudden. My apologies. No seriously though, I was using the WiFi sync when my iPod was jailbroken not too long ago, it takes longer, but if you just have your iPod lying on your bedside table during the day it will sync all your songs and stuff right over to iTunes, which is really handy, and automatic.

Apple’s iCloud service, at this stage, only shines a few benefits for me, being able to download purchases for free. That’s probably the only thing I’ll use that for, because I don’t like the idea of syncing all of my personal data up to some hard drive in the sky, especially with all the hacking that’s been going on with the websites like Sony, Code Masters, phones and  government websites.


This has been a short post, but the reason is, there’s really no point in me repeating everything that’s on the Apple website. If you go to any news website everything that they have about iOS 5, Lion and iCloud is all the same stuff that’s on the website, it’s pretty stupid.

So go check out the Apple website here, and find out more about iOS 5 if you’re interested.




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