Halo: A New Trilogy

Hello everyone,

I was surfing the web a while ago and I came across one of the multiple websites on Halo 4. This website though, is really legit. It tells of a new trilogy of the epic Halo series, starting with the release of Halo 4 in 2012. Now another trilogy?? So, this would mean another 2 installments as well as number 4?? Wow.

Anyway guys, if you are interested in Halo, and Halo 4, check out this website: http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/intel/titles/halo4

It only has a short blog on the game but it is well worth it! It also has other blogs on Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach etc.

See ya later guys.


Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

The graphics were awesome as it looked and felt like you were actually one of the Four Spider-Man characters. The sound effects of the webs being shot out of you were terrific and really life-like. You play as Ultimate Spider-Man the black symbiote Spider-man from a comic called Ultimate Spider-Man. The thing is, he does not wear the symbiote all the way through the series. There are four Spider Man characters in total -Spider Man, Spider-Man from the future (which is Spider-Man 2099), Noir Spider-Man and last but not least, The Amazing Spider-Man (the main Spider-Man). The object of the game is that you have to get the pieces of a rock fragment that you broke at the begining of the game. At the begining of the game,when you break the fragment, because of its magical powers, the Dimensions shatter. So it’s up to each Spider-Man to get it back. If you get one particular piece, let’s say as Ultimate Spider-Man, in the other Dimensions you enter your Spiderman would need to collect the same piece which makes it complete. Either that or heaps of pieces have shattered in each dimension and you have to get them all back. There’s a boss in each level and you have to fight them at the end but the problem is they have the pieces of fragment which gives them powers. My favourite Bosses in the game would have to be Carnage and Deadpool. Carnage is a Red symbiote wearing murderer. He is much less muscular than Venom but I like him better than Venom because he looks Wicked. Deadpool is just plain funny.

Highly recommended

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