Fable II

Fable is a  really fun game to play.  It’s one heck of an  RPG .  In the game you are a boy or

girl  depending  on which one you choose called  Sparrow.  Of course like most rpg games there’s a quest
you have to complete but  there’s only some quest ‘s you can unlock  by finishing the game.  This adds to the
duration of  game life as it fun to keep trying different paths and occupations through the game.
It’s  quite an easy game I must admit but that adds to the fun as you  wonder around trying everything without
the fear of  dying.
A major plot of the game is whether you decide to follow a good or bad path.  As a consequence of your choices
your physical appearance changes throughout the game.  You can change your name in  the game but you
have to buy  them from the town crier . There’s a town crier in each  town  but if you don’t want to buy the names
you can get them for free by doing  things, for example if you commit  enough crimes you can then be called  “Desperado”.
Theres also various jobs in the game like  blacksmith and  woodcutter. There  are five stars for each job , the more
stars you get the more money you get.
I have finished  the game twice but am yet to master gaining the sought after halo (by being 100% good and pure).  There’s also
a dog that follows you around everywhere. When you knock a bad guy on the ground your dog will sometimes  maul the living hell
out of them.
Overall this is a fun game ,  a great introduction to RPG’s.  It is light-hearted but a bit rude and can be a little gross at  times.

Highly recommended

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