Halo: CE Anniversary News

Hey everyone,

For all those gaming freaks out there, this is what we have been waiting for.

This is really an add-on to one of Ben’s earlier blogs, but please check it out.

The new Halo CE will be out on November 15, 2011!! Some people are asking whether it will be just like the very first one. The answer is YES!! 343 Industries have re- developed Combat Evolved to look like a game that is brand new. The look of the game is way better than before, but 343 haven’t touched the gameplay AT ALL. The pistol is just as over-powerful as before, 3 shots to an elite and he is dead. 😀 The big battle at the start of level 4, The Silent Cartographer, is still there, and I bet anything that if you compare the first Halo to the new one, the gameplay will be exactly the same.

Check the video out guys. It is really cool.


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