Quake III Revolution

Blasting aliens and cyborgs isn’t easy, but this game sure makes it look like it is.

Quake III Arena and Quake III Revolution are only a little bit different from each other.  Quake III Revolution has a campaign mode, while Quake III Arena doesn’t.  It’s basically a first person shooter with no story and you’re in various arenas versing various human, creature or robot opponents.
You point, shoot and well . . . you get the point.

Screenshot above from GameSpot (http://au.gamespot.com/)

It may sound boring but Quake is what got me in to first person shooters in the first place, well, that and Perfect Dark.  Quake III Revolution is the first game I bought in this genre and I find it to be satisfying, mindless fun.

Good Game

[review pros=”-” cons=”-” score=69]

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