Candlefuse – Fighter Lyrics

I’m holding on to everything they want to take away

I’m standing strong against the grain
Against the words they say
I’m falling from the way of man
And crawling there to stay
I’m letting go of me
Greater is He that lives within meI’m a fighter strong and brave
Won’t you run with me?
I’m pursuing a life of faith
Because I believe

Stranded, no strength to pray
But I can’t walk away
No reason to be afraid
Gotta take a stand and be the man
That I’m supposed to be

I will hold my head up high
I will sing this battle cry

It’s Time for Change

Warning: The topic of this post is very heavily debated, and some may be offended. Reader’s discretion is advised. Hello, and welcome to another Benaball blog post. Sit back, get some snacks. This will be…

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