Rayman Origins

Rayman origins is the first 2d game to ever come out on a console in years, people say its not that good that 2d sucks and 3D is better. This game suprised me because all of them people who said such things about this game are loosers. Rayman 2 was one of the games i could rember renting from a video shop to play on my ps1, it had good graphics for its time it was colourfull and it was challenging. I became a fan that day, i knew this game wouldent be that bad. Well despite its name it actually based after the third rayman game just years later or somthing like that anyway its not a prequal to the first three its actually a sequal to them. Its got 60+ LEVELS!!! Most games have 25 to 30 levels plus it gets much, much harder through out the game. Most platoform games now stay easy all the way through, like the new crash and spyro games and another thing  rayman is still fun to play becuase its still owned by there founding owners (Ubsoft) also the game has changed a lot its four player and you get to play as globox and them two little blue anoying guys wich there names are on the tip of my tounge. Its 2d like i said. Rayman can’t shoot his fist as far and its a fast past game.

 [review pros=” original 2d consept” cons=”nothing ” score=100]

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