How to Research a Game to See How Good it is

You see games in the shops, the ones that everyone are playing and you have seen the ad’s and heard about the gameplay and etc, then you think to yourself whats so good about this game. Well I had to put up with this endless talk about Skyrim and Black Ops and to be honest there not my favourite games. I like fighting games like Tekken and platformers like the first 3 Crash bandicoot games. Well Street fighter X Tekken is out now and of course i am buying it but before, but is it worth 100$? Well first we check out some gameplay.

Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay

Video created by

And now we check to see who has a review on it, like IGN For example  Well they rated it good its editors choice. ok now we see, it’s a good game and its worth 100$, we looked at the gameplay video and it had smooth fighting and good graphics, but it doesn’t mean its a good game so we checked the review for the game. its got a good review so now we check how much we have to fork out, 100$ totally worth it. ok i got the game and now its time to play some Street fighter X tekken.

Review by Ign, game by capcom and namco and video by capcom unity videos.


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