Bilbies VS Rabbits

Hello there! How’s it going people? Did you find many egg-shaped chocolate bars?

Of course this is in reference to the Easter that hopped along last Sunday, bringing with it sugar and fats that make dentists worldwide start packing their dental apocalypse survival kits.  Funnily enough, the backbone of this post is not to do with the really weird story line behind Easter…

Easter, and Christmas, are both rather sick.  They’re festivals and celebrations that have been distorted and warped due to the early Roman civilizations’ obsession with converting the masses to their religion.  Because of this Pagan celebrations were often adopted into the religion to help keep everyone happy.

This has resulted the Easter Bunny and Chocolate Eggs being caught up in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It also has resulted in misconception about Jesus’s birthday, there’s a lot of evidence stating that he wasn’t actually born on the 25th of December.  So, yes, that’s comforting to know that we are being taught something in school that isn’t actually confirmed.  Guess there’s a lot of that going on though.

But of course, as the title of this post clearly states, this post is not about some ludicrous confusing religious banter.  This is about Bilbies VS Rabbits.

I was told the other day that teachers in Australian schools are now pushing to teach about the Easter Bilby.  That’s right, no longer is the Easter Bunny king of the hole…. uh…. he’s being pushed aside by a native Australian animal.  Australian conservationists are arguing that our brilliant bilbies are becoming endangered due to the ruthless rabbits.  Ever since they were introduced to Australia, rabbits have been destroying the natural habitats of bilbies, and therefore the push to remove the Easter Bunny from the foil wrap. Rabbits are pests, and they’re breeding like… well, rabbits.

But you want to know my opinion about the whole Bilby VS Rabbits thing?

I personally don’t see what all the fuss is about, at the moment chocolate confectionery is working in favour of the bilbies.  When you buy a chocolate Easter Bunny you’re essentially promoting violence towards rabbits, you’re eating the rabbit, head first most often.  Every year millions of people all over the world are slaughtering millions of chocolate rabbits by the mouthful.  If anything it shows that we respect the bilby more, enough not to turn it into an edible symbol.

“Rabbits, yeah, pests, let’s make edible versions that we can crush into pieces with our teeth.”

It gives the whole family, even the little ones, a chance to fight rabbits in their own homes.  I would have thought by NOT eating chocolate bilbies we would be promoting ‘anti-bilby violence’ (As in… “Less Violence Towards Bilbies”).  Turns out the real reason they’re pushing to sell chocolate bilbies though is that a portion of the money from the purchase goes towards helping bilbies. Naww.

In that case, I’ll be definitely helping you eat bilbies.  I’ll be helping bilbies, by eating bilbies.

That’s logical.

Well hope you had a great Easter, promoting violence against rabbits and eggs… I wonder how chickens feel about us making chocolate reproductions of their unborn children for consumption.

Hmmm… anyhow hope you enjoyed this weeks post! See you again next week!


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