A Galaxy in Motion

The first After Effects render I did of this particular project.
The first After Effects render I did of this particular project.

For those that are friends with me on Facebook, (The word ‘Friends’ loosely dangles around here – because of the way it’s been desensitized in it’s meaningfulness online) you would have already seen the image above. It’s another YouTube Title sequence I’m working on – but not only that – it’s allowing me to experiment with space renders a bit before doing another special project.

NASA is nice enough to offer Public Domain images of space… and that really helps I must say.

The main reason I’m posting this here though is that I’m a graphics nut, and I don’t mean: “GAH! I LOVE GRAPHICS!” – I mean: “THIS…HAS…TO…LOOK…NICE!”
I’m the kind of person that will download an app on my phone just because the icon looks nice and it will compliment the other colours on my homescreen. In the scheme of things it’s quite sad – however to onlookers – most people will just think I’m really organised for having 5 different To-Do apps on my first screen.

Hence the reason for posting this Galaxy render. I want to see it’s blue glow in the posts area – so I hope you don’t mind. ANYHOW. Time to get on to editing more Intelligic videos. It’s a good excuse to play games again this gaming channel. Problem is – I’m probably spending more time on it than I should. Especially since my need to make everything look nice transverses over to the videos I produce on there too.

I currently have the next 3-4 weeks completely scheduled; Intelligic is on autopilot. I would do the same with Uploadthedownload except videos for that channel require far more work…
But perhaps if I wasn’t wasting time on Intelligic – and instead spent that time on Uploadthedownload (my more successful channel) I’d be doing better?

I’m like a Galaxy in motion. From a distance Galaxies look so still and slow – but in the midst of them all is a cosmic tidal wave of activity. Actually now that I’ve written that… that doesn’t sound like me at all. Forget my attempt at creating a connection between the title of this post – and the junk that I wrote down here. *Frowns in Failure*

See you later.


The Endless Race

Yes, I’ve changed the website theme again… but shhhh…. just trust me.  I think this theme will be staying for longer than any of the others.  Currently the website is looking exactly how I want it to – plus – everything is actually working!

The New Look
The New Look

For those that are reading this post sometime in the near future – here is what the site looks like currently.  If you’re reading this post when the site does look like this… then WELL DONE! You’ve just experienced website-ception.

Don’t keep your hopes up though, you know how crazy I am about changing things.  So expect a completely new style and layout in a week or two.

Seriously though, I reckon I’m going to be keeping this for a while.

Right, enough of that.  Because it’s time to ramble on for a little bit about something that has been becoming increasingly prominent in my life at the moment: the panic of trying to get things done.  It seems as though I have too large a plethora of tasks to complete – and of course, a majority of these tasks are simply self-imposed goals.  Things like, ‘Yeah! Let’s make another YouTube Channel!’ come to mind when I say… self-imposed goals.

Inside the mind is a whirring box of ‘Things to Come.’  To the population of thinking humans on Earth – that should ring loud and clear.  I have all these ideas of videos, books, stories and podcasts (yes even podcasts) that I want to create and share.  The issue here is… we come up with ideas faster than we make them into something.

I’ve written them down of course – but by the time I revisit them I worry that my original flare for the idea may be an extinguished one.  An idea that was gurgled around a bit before being spat out of my mind and straight onto a path that I’ll never walk on again.

Does anyone else feel like there’s just this rush to get everything done?

I’ll be talking more about this in a vlog soon, so… stay tuned…. goons…  I’m such a brilliant rhyme artist! WOW! *insert sarcasm here*

Anyhow, I’ve written the equivalent of an English essay tonight so I’ll be off! TIRED EYES, gah.  Go check out the other pages I just wrote up – the About, and YouTube page – if you’re interested of course.  Other than that, thanks for reading!