BGTN-S01 Episode 4

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Kevin Rudd declares war on Toilet Paper,
And those terrorists are at it again this time in our gaming consoles.
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Now Kevin Rudd has declared war on toilet paper.
Which I find hard to believe considering the fact that he was handing out these in 2007 . . .

Image from web, edited by Ben.
But anyways. He’s not just picking on ordinary toilet paper,

He’s picking on Camouflage toilet paper,
And sudoku toilet paper,
He’s picking on dollar bill toilet paper,
And MP3 player toilet paper,
And cactus toilet paper,
And Cheese grater toilet paper . . .
Images above from the web.
Kevin Rudd says that “Toilet paper uses too much of Australia’s Woodland, No More Toilet Paper!”
So he has launched a new “No Toilet Paper” Campaign.
Brendan Nelson reckons that Kevin has just opened the campaign so that he can watch everyone walk around funny.
But who knows.
Maybe it’s a cross for the toilet paper . . .
Don’t worry, the story above is NOT true. Phew!

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Those terrorists are at it again this time in our gaming consoles.
These gaming consoles are only some of the consoles that have been equipped with deadly weapons. Terrorists have planted gases and bombs in the controllers of some of those gaming consoles.

Now the first stage of the terrorist controllers is gases.
Flammable gases will spurt out of the controller, this is probably why you cannot see the television screen . .  .
Image taken and edited by Ben.
I recommend that you get out quickly. Because the next stage is the bomb, it blows up the gases around you and causes a massive explosion . . .

That’s all for today’s show!
Next time on BGTN those annoying computer messages . . .

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BGTN S01 Episode 3

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I pick on BLOCKED,
I pick on BLOCKED,
And we have a look at the Reaction Schmaction.
No wait that sounds bad . . . wait I know . . . What’s Your Reaction?
No, no that sounds dumb . . . I know . . . How Gullible Can You Get?
Oh what the heck, I’ll call it . . . IDEKTNOTS . . . (I Don’t Even Know The Name Of This Story.)

Time for my:
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Now it’s time for my:
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How gullible is the Human race?

Kids in our class are gullible.
Kids in the school are gullible.
How? Heres An Example.
If you make up something up, for example ‘Clare loves Ned’ and you tell someone that Clare told you, a whole rumor starts up without any truth whatsoever.
And You Believe It
This is true.
If you have someone come up to you and say that Clare told them that she likes Ned you’ll believe it. (Unless the person telling the rumour has a bad reputation or the rumor is about one of your friends, or you.)
And even when poor Clare gets asked if she really likes Ned , and she says no, still everyone thinks that she does!
No matter what she says.
Don’t believe me?
Well this is basically how it works:
The Rumor Maker makes something up whether it’s true or not and tells . . .
. . . Gullible People and the gullible people believe this because they’re gullible, then they tease . . . The Targeted Person.
Well I had a theory . . . How gullible . . . Is the rumor maker?
Anyways, if you got a message saying this:
YOU HAVE WON $1000,000,000!
Would you believe it?
Well a boy in our class received an E-mail from which claimed to be from:
PlayBoy Mansion
The email stated that he had won 10 VIP passes to PlayBoy mansion.
And he believed it!
Who was it?
Now many people were wondering . . .
The way that I sent the E-mail too him was simple.
And my view of setting up the email looked like this . . .
But don’t fall for it!
If you receive an email that looks like that or sounds too good to be true don’t fall for it! Because they may be more a threat or they may be another joke!
I mean just the other day Brody was trying to send a prank email to Isabella.
But he sent it in something that looked like this:
Which is actually a feedback line to the company that runs the email service. . .
Now for the, Last Story.
One image remains.

BGTN S01 Episode 2



Sorry it took so long for the next BGTN episode . . . I kinda had some technical difficulties.
Image from web.
On Today’s Show

We have a look into our trip to Bruny Island.
– – – – BLOCKED OUT – – –, and this guy yabberin away over something . . .
Image from web, edited by Ben.
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Now as you know we went to Bruny Island,
And as you know this is the tent that Tom, Aidan and I stayed in.
Image taken by Ben.
You would also know that the tent is big strong, and as we found out not very wind resistant!
Image taken by Ben.
But never fear! A group of super-duper tent fixer-uppers on the ground!
The tent was all fixed and back to normal, But then we had another problem . . .
Image taken and edited by Ben.
When we told the tent fixer-uppers they kinda went loopy.
And we went to the beach, as a creature lugged it’s way out of the sea . . .
We also went on some tours in the bus . . . and of course Curtis was paying attention . . .
But Curtis didn’t only fall asleep during a tour but I noticed that there was a large group of people around his cabin one night.
It took me a few moments to sort it all out . . .

Let’s see . . . Curtis + Group of People = . . . ahhh an Angry Mob!

I wouldn’t call the toilet and bathroom facilities 5 star . . .
1 toilet didn’t flush at all
1 toilet did flush but spurted water out of the bowl and dribbling down onto the floor
And the last toilet was perfect, except for the smashed off lock and plastic toilet seat.
Holly and Rachel were disgusted.
Marco wasn’t feeling too good either . . .

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Now you know who these people are:
Image from web.
And you’d probably thought that you’d seen the last of the guy on the right.
Well you were wrong.
It’s a fight against this guy.
Image from web, edited by Ben.
And this guy.

Image from web, edited by Ben.
Now John Howard may no longer be the Australian Prime Minister but he is still angry.
He is angry because he is sick of sitting at home twiddling his thumbs all day.
So he decided to do something about it . . . .
Image from web.
And as you know with politics . . . Nothing ends well . . . .
Image from web.
The above story is not true, no relation to the politics

That’s All For BGTN
Images of people in school have not been displayed in this segment.
The only images of people are public icons or well known people.



BGTN S01 Episode 1


Welcome To BGTN

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Now you’d probably know this symbol . . .
It’s the Volkswagen Symbol . . .
And you’d probably also know that this is one of their cars:
Well the Volkswagen company decided to try something, they strapped a few rockets onto one of their cars to see how it would go . . .
It left the ground but lets just say it didn’t end well . . .
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There has been a toothpaste scare throughout the country today.
Apparently some terrorists had gotten into one of the toothpaste companies and started planting bombs in the toothpaste.
So if you end up looking like this . . .
You’ll know why . . .
That’s all for BGTN!



Extra-National Bad Hair Week

Now you may have noticed that my hair is everywhere this week.
Don’t tell me you didn’t get the letter!
In the post the National Bad Hair Week Letter. Are you sure?
You wouldn’t think that I’d have a bad hair day, certainly not, I’ve got Bad Hair because of Bad Hair Week.

Click Image To Enlarge, Image Copyright Benaball all rights reserved.

I Can’t believe you didn’t get the letter, Oh well. . .
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This is a segment from before S01E03 started.