Blog Updates

There are a few things that are going on.

1st is Ben A Ball GamerSpot has been put offline for awhile as it is being redeveloped with a brand new look!

2nd is the Calendar at the bottom of the posts, showing upcoming events to this blog and some HOPEFULs . . .

3rd is a HOPEFUL!!! The blog may recieve a brand new look!!! Thats right a complete re-themeing. If you would like to get a sneak-peek of what the new look will be like then head over to The Ben A Ball Test Blog, you haven’t heard of it before because I’ve hidden it. The Ben A Ball Test blog is where I test all widgets, themes, pictures etc. before sticking it to the main page.
Click Here to head over the the Ben A Ball Test blog and see how the work is going.
The Ben A Ball Test blog will only be avaliable for viewing for a short time, then it will be unaccessable until another time.