The Not-So-Long Brain Debate

I cannot believe some of the people in the world these days,
There are people that punch you, whack you around the back of the head. Mindlessly hurting you because they obviously don’t have the brain power to do anything other than fling their arms at you like some complete and utter dead-headed zombie, with ‘whacking’ being their only thought process.
But the people I am really starting to hate are those that in every single conversation you have with them they have to critisise you, even if they weren’t in the conversation they will jump in and critisise you. Like when I told my friend the other day that I had uploaded my poem to my website, then the dimbo jumps in and says, ‘What? Him writing a poem? He doesn’t even have the brain power to even write a poem.’
You are the one who lacks the brain power dimbo! (No not you, reader . . . the person that said the stuff about me not being able to even write a poem . . . anyways.)
He seems to have this thing that I’m some brainless moron who doesn’t have enough ‘brain power’ to string 2 words together!
It seems to me that he needs to think that someone is dumber than him so that he can feel good about himself. Someone that goes around all day critisising people obviously isn’t capable of doing anything else but that!

Now I had something to say at the end of this, but since I imagined what kind of things people would say or think about it, I decided it was best to leave it out.

I hope the person that thinks I don’t have the ‘brain power’ is reading this, because then you will see that I am more than you think.