What If Poem

I did this poem as humanities homework, I thought that it was a gutsy move . . . but the teacher loved it. So hence I’ll stick it up here for all those stupid copy cats that are too lazy to write their own.


A 14 line POEM BY BEN

What if our teacher was a witch? That if we forgot our homework her nose would twitch?

She’d say a few accursed words, and then we’d turn into fluttering birds.

Her eyes would stare sharply at us too, as she made our faces go slightly blue.

We would speed from the classroom in a leap, as her swift broomstick gave a sweep.

Off to our lockers we would go, as tiny horns began to grow.

For we had a big surprise, that we in fact, were devils in disguise.

We came along, the very next day; the moment we entered we saw our prey.

First we used our annoying chatter, making the loudest possible all-out clatter.

The teacher told us to quieten down; she received backchat from the class clown.

She took a step back, and then with a roar, blasted the class into a snore.

To the left she turned as she took a rest, her magic had worked, for the best.

Her eyes read comments from other teachers, describing the class as awful creatures.

Leaning back into her dark black chair, she had the feeling of being rare.

For no other teacher could control this class, but this great teacher could really kick . . .