BGTN S02 Episode 4 FINALE


And now . . .

Today’s Show:
The hidious scandal that is striking the nation, Everything being made in china and the fake copies.

I pick on the ho ho-som man himself.

We have a Ben Cam,
a Think bout it,
Ben’s rage and
an Eggstra Video

Top Story,
Now im going on about how everything is made in china!
Don’t you hate it when you buy something, like an australian souvinir and you later read the base
and find out that it’s made in China! Our souvinirs made in China? What the?
But usa faces the same problem, Look at this t-shirt
now this is a Born In The USA t-shirt, and well,
this t-shirt was not born in the usa.
Its born in china.
Some of our favourite foods are made in china, has anyone had the In A Biskit range?
these also
are made in China.
Also China make some of the KRAFT food range.

Now look at this label,
An American Company, it says But down the bottom it says its made in China!!!
And again, In the USA baseball is a highly played sport, and you’d think that their baseballs were made there.
But they aren’t . . .

Now i’ve shown you how i hate everything being made in China but now,
Im going to tell you about Chinese producers that make fake copies of real items and sell them.
Sometimes trying to trick people into believing it is the real thing.
I call these people . . .
Chinese Phoneys!
Now look here  An ordinary phone?
Nope this phone is actually copying the iPhone, How? well completely hidden at first glance, it looks like
just a phone but when you turn it on . . .
You find that the chinese have copied one of the iPhone’s backdrops to stick on their phone!

That’s not all though. They even copied the iphones icons!
And the problem here is that they cannot just come up with their own ideas!!!
Here are some other fake iphones that actually look like iphones and say that they are iphones on their packets

Now who has an iPod? This is the real one . . .

and this is the Chinese fake

and here are some fake iPod Shuffles.

Here is a real and a fake Play Station Portable

And surely everyone has heard of the Nintendo Wii!
Well, Meet the Vii . . . another fake.

Here is the vii and the wii next to each other.

Anyone heard about the Playstation 3?

What about the Funstation 3? The funstation 3 doesn’t have blueray either . . . nope, it has
a game catridge like a game boy.
Here are some more fake game consoles . . .

You have the funstation 3, funstation 2 and 3 then you have the PX Box.
Who’s heard of the Xbox 360? Ok, What about the PX 3600???

And earlier i mentioned the Game Boy, well what about the Game Joy?

If you think that they only copy electronics then, think again . . .
They also copy take away logos. Heres some now.

And they also copy sporting brands . . .

And Cd’s

Electronic companies like . . . Sony . . .


Computers . . .

Websites this is a fake google website that installs viruses to your computer . . .

Chatting applications

USBs that don’t work . . .

And much more.
I Could go on, but I think some of you are asleep in the chair by now . . .
And also i can’t be fagged typing the script up . . .

And so we go onto
Ben’s Rage

What’s making me Red eyed this time?!
I hate the stupid images on the tissue boxes?! What’s with the soft cloud images or the
autum leaves?!?! OR EVEN CUPCAKES!!!! Why do they have the images???

It’s not like you’re going to pick up a tissue and enjoy the sensation of blowing your nose! Are those pictures there to make yourself feel better about
having mucus all down your arms and accross your chest?
And i also hate it when you go to wipe your nose, and it smears all accross your face!!!$$$

Next Story
Now im picking on the cheerful jolly man himself. Santa . . .
I don’t now about any of you. But i don’t like how parents let this guy freely into our house!
And we don’t know what he looks like! Because we’ve never seen him!

And something tells me that if he is climbing down the chimmney instead of using the front door then he
obviously is insane!!!
And he gives coal to people that are naughty. . . With the rising prices of minerals he may have to resort
to something else.

I’m also amazed that our parents stick us in the lap of a complete stranger! Obviously some kids don’t like this.

And also he rides a sleigh! Personally I think that a helicopter would be easyier to land.
But then again, Aidan reckons that he should ride one of these . . .

Hey, wait a tick . . . i shouldn’t be picking on santa . . . because i won’t get any . . . Uh oh . . .
He’s probably thinking of moving me to the Evil Little Devil list . . .

Now it’s time for
Think About it.
Imagine that you are riding santa’s sleigh . . . when it’s raining, the sleigh would fill up and you would have to
fly sideways for a bit to let some of the water out.
Or you could heat it to make it a spa . . .
Imagine trying to land the sleigh on the roof of a house. . . and crashing . . . how would you explain that to the
police officer . . .

That’s the end of BGTN

I would like to say Cya! to everyone, i would like to say thanks to everyone for actually taking interest in BGTn,
No matter what crazy topics i managed to think up . . .
Bgtn has helped me in many key ways, it’s gotten people to know me more as a person, it’s increased my speaking
skills, and it has impacted my time management skills incredibly . . .
If anyone would like to keep in touch then . . . email me
or you can visit the bgtn website or my chain of Ben A Ball websites.
Well Now I pass to the end, and now we move to the final credits and a little extra . . . stay tuned . . . he he he.

Goodnight! err Goodday! Err good whenever!!!
And Merry Christmas!!!

(NOTE: I forgot to mention, China isn’t the only country that produces the fake stuff, Korea and other low cost manufaturing countries also do it.)