New Theme Complete!

Hey everyone,
Phew, that was exhausting, but the Ben-A-Ball blogs are now completely updated to the new theme, what do you think?
But that’s not all that’s new, the new theme accompanies new features, a great new search, a brand new menu along the top with an improved contact me form.
Not only that, but I have removed two blogs from business, Ben-A-Ball Gossip and Ben-A-Ball Video are now gone! And the Ben a Ball blog series welcomes the newest member called Ben-A-Ball Creative Arts, also known as Ben-A-Ball Media.
Ben a Ball Creative Arts is a whole new blog for photography, film making, song writing, sketching, craft. Once it kicks into gear you’ll be able to get photography tips, film production tips and more.
But there so much new stuff let me just tell you the list!
– updated Ben a Ball Author, now can upload your own stories and poems and read other people stories and poems.
– Ben A Ball GamerSpot has been transformed into a game review, tips and tricks blog! More useful than before! Not only that but I have another person helping review and post game reviews, thanks Alex for helping out.
– Ben A Ball music has a new helper too, I’d like to thank Damian for joining the blog to help produce great music reviews.
– new theme
– improved contact me form
– Ben A Ball Creative Arts, which will have photography, film making, sketching etc.
– Ben A Ball HQ is going to have exclusive members content, like wallpapers, software.
– Ben A Ball Downloads will now have a wallpapers tab with Ben A Ball branded wallpapers
– The main Ben A Ball page now has a Wibiya bar, (bar at bottom of the page) has stats, twitter, search and more.

There are going to be other cool features that will lurk in later on but for now, enjoy the new blog!

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