Peace In Tune

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I’d like to talk about a ‘suggested’ topic today, that is music and songwriting.
Now, how do I start a post like this, beats me. Have I done this before?

Basically blogging or writing a diary is one way of expressing your feelings, expelling your thoughts to make you feel better, well can be, song writing/singing is another way.
I’ve been songwriting for ages now, call it a secret hobby, but i write lyrics.
I’ve woken in the middle of the night and scribbled lyrics on my notepad, once I got my electronic version of a notepad, aka a PDA I now scribble them on that, and record a little bit of me singing it so that I remember the tune, because I don’t have notes and keys memorized in my head to be able to use them.
And many times I’ll be walking home, and the beat of my feet walking on the ground with something rattling in my lunchbox start me humming a random tune to go with the footstep beat.

Unfortunately I lack a Hollywood recording studio, so songs that I do end up producing don’t turn out as I wish them too.

Another part of songwriting is of course the singing, singing is great feeling, especially when you have the house to your own and your can sing loud, it feels a lot better than the ‘whisper singing’ that many people do, then again, many do in the shower singing too . . .

I’ve just typed all this up, then realised I should probably posted this on the Ben-A-Ball Creative Arts.

Well, cya!

(P.s. I typed all this on a mobile device, not only is it painstakingly frustrating, but I get a bit absent minded when typing on a mobile device.)

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