Are we all Stupid?

Now I’ve probably said something along the lines of this before, I can’t remember, got a slight inkling that I have. Today something started me off on one of those thinking feats, where I look like a depressed, when really I’m actually in deep thought, and just don’t feel for conversation or time wasting twits that just  want to make themselves known.

What triggered this chain-thought feat?

We were in health class, working on ‘Alcohol’, we were in a group discussion circle and the teacher was handing around empty bottles of spirits, beer, wine etc. so that we could talk about them, and at teachers’ request, we had to see if we could read the standard drinks and alcohol percentage sticker labeled clearly on every bottle that only a half blind, mutant two-fingered koala could miss. 

While the teacher was telling us some story about a girl that did something at some party, I was thinking about beer and all that, and no, I wasn’t thinking about ‘Drinking beer’ or ‘Falling in love with beer’ or any of that, I was thinking, “If Alcohol is doing this stuff to us, why don’t they take it out of the drinks!?”

A short time later the health teacher held out a ‘Vodka Cruise’ bottle, and began talking about it. I’ve heard kids in my class talk about parties they’d been too where they had drunk these and gone off their head in a short period of time anyways.
“Many girls these days are getting smashed on these because they taste just like cordial and they’re yummy.”
says the health teacher, this triggers another quick thought web. I heard the line drift into my head,
 ‘If they took the vodka out of the cruises they wouldn’t be ‘Vodka Cruises'” then I said:
 “Why can’t they just take alcohol out, and just have the cordial?”
The health teacher was about to speak but a girl on the other side of the ring (I dare say she has a lot of experimental knowledge about drinking) said “Ben, If they took the vodka out of the cruises they wouldn’t be ‘Vodka Cruises'” oh snap, thats word for word what I said in my little thoughts court case.
Then ‘popular kid’ (Mentioned in one of my earlier posts) spoke up and said, 
“People don’t drink them for the taste, they drink them to get smashed and stuff.”
Yes, I’m sure she can slap on a ‘Learned from Experience’ sticker to that one,
 “don’t drink them for the taste?” Well what the bloody hell is the point in that then, drinking it because it has alcohol in it, not for what it is or tastes like, gawd the human race is a load of complete dumb arses.
So if I smothered a bowl of sheep s#@% in alcohol they would still eat it, not for the taste, but for the alcohol, to get smashed.
“Ah yeah, got smashed on a bowl of sheep s#@% last night,” yeah that sounds great . . .
But seriously, drinking to be out of control?
No wonder we have ‘global warming’, repetitive wars, ‘scientific’ whale hunting and world starvation, we aren’t a smart race, we’re an ignorant load of bloody idiots.
Tell me, which other animal drinks something, deliberately, to make themselves smashed, any report you find that has an animal intoxicated with alcohol or drugs is a humans fault because they go and dose the animal for entertainment values.

Don’t drink it for the taste.

I’m going to always have this one on my mind, it’s got to be the most bloody ridiculous thing I’ve heard this year! (Well except for something someone said about Kevin Rudd being pushed off the PM pedestal for ‘kidnapping a baby and slowly eating it with gravy and McCain’s new ‘Super Chips’) 
I seriously don’t get this,
Getting smashed means you don’t have control of your brain anymore, you go bye bye, and some light headed numb skull takes over and goes round trashing yourself.


How can we possibly think we’re smart? 

We’re the only species on this planet that repeatedly kill itself over and over in wars, which we obviously aren’t clever enough to notice that wars KILL PEOPLE. (Other animals of same species kill each other but not on the mass scale that humans do)

We do the same thing that most animals do, discriminate, those that have lower ranks get kicked out and ignored.

We find hurting each other ‘funny’ or ‘entertaining’ look at all the kids cartoons of stuff like Tom and Jerry, the cat gets hurt all the time, stuff like Bugs Bunny, the younger generation find it funny.
At high school empty headed twits cover the place the moment there is suspicion of a fight about to happen, they find it funny, entertaining.

I’ve said this so many times in the past.



*Curls up in a ball and rocks back and forth*

And no other species can be annoyed by a description of itself.

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