The Ghost And The Shutterbug

The Ghost And The Shutterbug,
By Duncan Ball

Arnold Taylor has been haunting his house for six years since he died.
He’s scared dozens,
Even grown men have ran screaming.
So when Tassana moves into the house surely she is no match for a ghost of that reputation.
Or is she?
Tassana’s Dad is a photographer-A shutterbug.
Could she be the first with an official ghost picture?

From the author of the ‘Selby’ series and ‘Emily Eyefinger.’
This book doesn’t have the same connection as the characters like Selby or Emily Eyefinger, but you still could see the ghosts point of view . . . I guess . . .
I’m not saying the book was bad, I quite enjoyed it, unfortunately I read it while I was in my Selby fetish so I kept imagining Selby coming out of nowhere during the story . . .
Of course that’s not the books fault . . . that’s just me and my roaming imagination . . .

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