StoryMaze The Golden Udder

StoryMaze The Golden Udder
By Terry Denton

Mikey, Nico, Claudia and M.I.T. are back and trying to find the Golden Udder!

If they don’t their dear friend will never be with his true love again.
I personally got confused reading this book.
You choose the ending of the story.
Terry Denton has illustrated Andy Griffiths books.
If you like those crazy comic strips and pictures this is the book for you.
I personally find them outrageously annoying . . .
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Selby Snowbound

Selby Snowbound,
By Duncan Ball

Selby the only talking dog in Australia and perhaps the world goes climbing up and icy cold mountain.
Wilfred Crampon, The Trifles’ mountaineer friend has found a mountain higher than Mount Everest, And he is climbing to the top.
But when the Trifles fall into a glacier and Wilfred is stuck up on the mountain.
Will Selby have to give his secret away to save them?
The Talking Dog’s Adventures:
Nurse Selby
Selby Lovestruck
Selby Super-Seller
The Paddle-Pup
Selby’s Surprise
Selby House Bound
Dr Trifle’s War Of Words
The Dapper Dog
Selby’s Statue
The Sky Eye Spy
Selby’s Salsa
Selby Slugs Aunt Jetty
Selby Snowbound
The Toy Boat
Wrong-Headed Luke
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The Ghost And The Shutterbug

The Ghost And The Shutterbug,
By Duncan Ball

Arnold Taylor has been haunting his house for six years since he died.
He’s scared dozens,
Even grown men have ran screaming.
So when Tassana moves into the house surely she is no match for a ghost of that reputation.
Or is she?
Tassana’s Dad is a photographer-A shutterbug.
Could she be the first with an official ghost picture?

From the author of the ‘Selby’ series and ‘Emily Eyefinger.’
This book doesn’t have the same connection as the characters like Selby or Emily Eyefinger, but you still could see the ghosts point of view . . . I guess . . .
I’m not saying the book was bad, I quite enjoyed it, unfortunately I read it while I was in my Selby fetish so I kept imagining Selby coming out of nowhere during the story . . .
Of course that’s not the books fault . . . that’s just me and my roaming imagination . . .

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StoryMaze The Wooden Cow

StoryMaze The Wooden Cow
By Terry Denton

 Mikey and Nico attempt to sneak into a Fresian palace to rescue Claudia and M.I.T. (Mental Image Transfer) after being teleported in the wrong place.
A Comic and novel all in one.

Nico and Mikey struggle to get into the palace, Even with their Fresian friends.

Will the Wooden Horse Of Troy give them any ideas as how to get in?
I find the StoryMaze books confusing personally, unless your one for pictures and wacky storyline and choose your own adventure style stuff I wouldn’t personally bother. No Offence Terry!
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Selby Spacedog

Selby Spacedog
By Duncan Ball


perhaps  the only talking dog in the Universe Is back and he’s going to Mars.
Join the talking canine on his adventures:
Sunny Daze
The Dangling Dog
Books, Bombs and Book Week
Daggers Of Death
Bogusville Bonanza
Terror in the Tower
Selby’s Solo
Selby in Cyberspace
Selby Dyes
Selby Confesses
Selby Superpooch
Bungy Bungle
Selby, Spacedog
My Spacewalk

I’m starting to find these stories less and less believable . . . okay as if a talking dog was believable to start with, another great book with many stories in it, definitely soothed the Se;by craving minion within me.
Once you get hooked on the Selby series you’ll be wanting to read every book you can find!
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